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TremAsense Seismic Sensors


Survive-it is proud to be involved with TremAsense.  TremAsense is an innovation technology solution, built on 21st century architecture that continuously monitors and assesses building movements resulting from any level of seismic event or storm.

With a TremAsense you can:

  • Get accurate and accumulating data on building movement 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Enable faster assessment of structure damage potential or occupant safety risk
  • Demonstrate that reasonable steps were taken with discharge of duty on HSWA compliance
  • Provide evidence for more favourable insurance premiums and quicker processing of claims


TremAsense combines low cost sensors and Cloud-based big data storage & analytics. Our affordable subscriber-based business model enables easy access for all stakeholders.

Subscribers will receive real-time alerting and reporting enabling critical decision-making:

  • Building occupant evacuation
  • Building owners building status updates
  • Engineers status alerts and access to building movement data for rapid damage assessment
  • Civil Defence and local authorities damage assessment
  • GeoNet Business ground acceleration data to expand their  sensor footprint
  • Insurance industry


See our brochure for more details.


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