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Maintenance Options

A common problem for our customers is keeping their civil defence equipment and emergency water supplies maintained in an efficient and cost effective manner. Staff members are often too busy to be able to perform this task effectively. It is very time consuming to manage the maintenance process and then to check the contents of the kits and restock expired or lost equipment on a regular basis.

Our maintenance solution means you will never need to worry about the ongoing maintenance of your civil defence kits again, we will do it all for you. With a small cost per kit we will maintain your equipment every year and ensure your kits will stay like new for years to come, they will always be up to date, always neat and tidy, ready for any emergency. 

We may either perform onsite or remote maintenance; this will be negotiated for each agreement (see details below). In both cases we maintain a database of each of your kits to ensure they are properly maintained; we manage the whole process for you and send you an annual written report.

We will undertake an initial assessment of each kit prior to starting regular maintenance; this ensures we will be maintaining a compliant kit. We will recommend replacement of any expired items and recommend the upgrade of the kit contents to bring the kit up to the minimum recommended standard. Once this initial stage is completed we place the kits into annual maintenance.

At the end of the annual maintenance your kits will be as good as new.

Our support services to you

As specialist suppliers of civil defence equipment and services we provide support to our customers in all aspects of emergency preparedness including:-

FREE services

  • Our trained staff are able to advise you in all aspects of your preparedness
  • We offer free workplace assessment and advice
  • We provide obligation free reports and quotes after we have undertaken a workplace assessments


Charged services

  • Supply of either standard or customised kits and cabinets for your workplace
  • Water maintenance services
  • Inspection and maintenance service (ensure your kits remain up to date)
  • Seismic restraint advice and service (through our partner seismic restraint specialist)
  • Reminder service when consumables are near expiry
  • Training courses through our partner training company

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