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Frequently Asked Questions


How can I be sure my credit card transaction is secure?

Survive-it use a “Paymark Certified” provider to process all credit card payments. Before you pay by credit card, you will be directed to a fully encrypted and secure BNZ Bank site. Your credit card information is not stored on the Survive-it website.

How long will it take for the goods to be delivered?

Personal website orders will normally be shipped within 24 hours of placing your order (excludes weekend and holidays).  

We will notify you if items are unavailable. Business orders are normally shipped between 2 and 14 days depending on the size of the order and product availability.

How can we be sure we are getting the right equipment for our workplace?

Survive-it offers free assessments for businesses and schools to ensure you receive the appropriate solution for your requirements. These assessments are conducted either by a site visit or over the phone depending on complexity.  Kits are based on MCDEM recommendations. 

How do we know the products we are getting are going to be reliable and are of a good quality?

Survive-it tests all of our products thoroughly and is committed to supplying equipment that will be reliable in the event of an emergency. We constantly review our products and replace them if better quality and safer options become available.

Why do you recommend battery powered products rather than Dynamo products?

Dynamo products have an internal battery which is charged by ‘winding’. If these products are left for a long period of time without winding, the internal battery may become completely discharged and they then become very hard to recharge. This means that in an emergency these dynamo products may not work at all, or will take several minutes to recharge but may then quickly go flat. Due to the variable quality of these products we no longer consider them appropriate for emergency kits, unless used as a back up to battery operated devices. The only exception to this is if the dynamo product also has a battery compartment which operates separately to the internal battery; this means that if the dynamo component fails you can use batteries instead. We would recommend that all of your existing dynamo products be checked and then regularly maintained to test their functionality (at least every 6 months).  We recommend using high quality LED torches with long life alkaline batteries as these are a much more reliable product.  LED bulbs are very reliable and alkaline batteries (NOT carbon Zinc batteries) have a 5 year shelf life and do not have a tendency to leak like the old carbon batteries.

How long does water last before it needs to be changed?

Water should be stored in a cool dark place such as a garage or shed and is best replaced every 6 - 12 months. 

Should I treat my emergency water?

Tap water from the mains supply is already treated and does not need initial treatment before storing. However if your water storage containers are not new then they may be contaminated, in which case you should treat the water. When you come to drink stored water, if it is discoloured or has an odour then it should be treated before drinking. If in any doubt about water quality then always treat it before drinking. We supply either treatment tablets or a special bleach which is certified as safe for drinking water (this is not the case with most ordinary supermarket bleaches as they often contain additives which are not fit for human consumption). 

Can I use bleach to treat my water? 

Yes you can as long as it is pure with no additives, however, because it is difficult to use the correct amount it is preferable to use water purification tablets such as Aquatabs. We supply either treatment tablets or a special bleach which is certified as safe for drinking water (this is not the case with most ordinary supermarket bleaches as they often contain additives which are not fit for human consumption). 

Can the rope in our kit be used for abseiling?

No, the rope in our kit is general purpose. 

Only if you are trained in rope rescue and the rope is a certified rescue rope and you have all the other necessary rope rescue equipment. Survive-it provide both training and rope rescue kits and equipment for this purpose, please contact us for further information. 

For products in an emergency kit without an expiration date, is there a time frame that they should be used within?

For products that have no expiration date the only rule of thumb would be to look for any obvious signs of wear and tear. Products should not be used if there’s signs of damage, degradation, or discoloring. 

Who to contact for a Civil Defence Emergency?

The primary responsibility for civil defence emergency management (CDEM) at a local level rests with your local council. Local and regional councils work with emergency services (Police, Fire, Ambulance) and other relevant agencies to plan for, and respond to disaster events. CDEM Groups are a consortium of local authorities and agencies in each region and they have a responsibility to plan for, and manage regional hazards and risks.  Contact the civil defence emergency management (CDEM) office at your nearest local council for information on local hazards and community response arrangements.  During a disaster event telephone lines need to be kept clear for emergency calls to get through so please avoid making calls unless absolutely urgent. 

If life or property is threatened always dial 111 for Police, Fire or Ambulance. 

What radio station to listen to?

The following radio networks work collaboratively with civil defence emergency management authorities to broadcast important information and advice in an emergency.  

Radio New Zealand National 
Newstalk ZB
Classic Hits
More FM
Radio Live

Ensure you have a battery operated radio. In an emergency find, and tune in to, your local radio station as they will broadcast official civil defence information that is appropriate for your community and situation.

Record the frequency for your local stations in your Emergency Plan.









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