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Welcome to Survive-it: Emergency Preparedness Specialists

Survive-it is a leading provider of all civil defence and emergency preparedness solutions for the home, workplace, school or individual. We have, and will continue to provide a range of Products & Services to ensure we are always able to offer a complete solution for any emergency.

We can provide survival kits and equipment, workplace assessments, civil defence cabinets, water installation, support for existing civil defence equipment & first aid training. We can also source and supply and items you may require.

For a more customised solution we are happy to call and discuss requirements. We will incorporate any existing civil defence items you have, that are fit for purpose, into your civil defence preparedness as part of our free assessment, to meet the Civil Defence Emergency Management requirements.

Make sure your survival kit is kept up-to-date by checking it on a regular basis. Don’t forget to change your emergency water supply at the same time.

quakepod.jpgQuake Pod

We strongly recommend NOT using dynamo torches or radios in any emergency kit. See More.

But how strong is your desk as an emergency shelter?
See the new Quake Pod.